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In fact , our research shows 86 % of UK diners would prefer to be served by a person when in a restaurant - while a similarly high number think machines are too impersonal ( 74 %) for customer-service roles .
Technology : Striking the right balance
What ’ s clear is that today ’ s diners want the best of both worlds ; the convenience of cutting edge technology , paired with the personal touch that comes from good old-fashioned experience and friendly service .
Real-time technology is most definitely here to stay – diners want immediacy and efficiency in their booking and payment path . But , whether they are in a 5-star restaurant , takeaway joint , or having their favourite meal delivered to their door , technology alone does not offer the complete customer experience .
As we kick off 2017 - and restaurants born out of the tech dining boom continue to thrive - it will become more important than ever for restaurateurs , no matter how big or small , to offer a customer experience that combines the convenience of technology with what good restaurants have always done best - great service .