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Vivek Singh ( below left ), Executive Chef & CEO of The Cinnamon Club , says : “ The millennials will continue their discovery of food , but it will need to be an experience . Extra sensory stimuli , as well as cool collaborations , will get their attention . Meanwhile , the rest of us will continue to look for the trusted and the familiar , but we want to know more about the ethics , the provenance and that it ’ s done better than the rest . We will also make the most of the fact that butter is back and fats will be in vogue . Masterclasses will also become key to true foodies , with as much focus on drinks as on food .”

Chef predictions

Jun Tanaka ( above ), Chef Patron at The Ninth ( 1 Michelin Star ) says :
“ 2017 will see an even heavier focus on vegetables . Whilst we have always known the health benefits of eating a plantheavy diet , restaurants will start making vegetables the focus of the dish . This doesn ’ t mean ignoring meat ; just making it less of a focal point . When it comes to this meat ( and , in fact , all produce ) local sourcing will be incredibly important , especially with the current exchange rates .”
Liam Smith-Laing ( above ), Executive Chef at Bluebird , says :
“ Love them or hate them , small plates are here to stay ! Eating out is at the heart of our social lives now - people like to be seen and they like the place they ’ re in to have a buzz which is easily achieved when people are chatting over small plates . Londoners love to eat out , even when times are hard , so small plates like those we have on the new menu at Bluebird offer diners a slice of luxury in a more accessible way . From British rock oysters to steak tartare , customers will continue to want to enjoy the finer things in life .”