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2 . Millenials drive trends
Will the printed menu become a thing of the past ?
The relentless growth of tablet-based menu apps continues . One of the latest , Ordamo ( above ), will be launching at the Great Hospitality Show , and claims to “ drive upselling opportunities , increase sales , whilst engaging customer loyalty ”.
Ordamo ’ s tablet and app prioritises the dishes operators specifically wants to promote to customers , and provides real-time data on the performance of the front-of-house team , customers ’ favourite dishes and their feedback on service and ambience .
Food Industry Predictions 2017 

Daniel Gill ( left ), founder of Leeds-based hospitality and events management company Dine , predicts the big trends for 2017 :
1 . Traditional Values
Traditional foods and ancient , unprocessed grains will begin to take over from the more experimental dishes that have been seen in recent years as people seek comfort from modern interpretations of traditional formulas . Retro flavours such as Marmite , pork scratchings , Coronation Chicken and Salad Niçoise are all likely to be popular . Chefs and catering companies will be looking to create modern twists on these classics to keep menus fresh .
Nine in ten British adults now eat out regularly – two in five at least weekly . More than half the nation ’ s adult is by those aged 18-34 . More than half of these eat out weekly and a third three times a week . And they are constantly looking for new eating and drinking brands and experiences . Millenials will increasingly drive food and drink trends .
3 . Bowl Food
As the interest in street food and informal dining grows , casual food and “ bowl ” food will become increasingly popular . First came smoothie bowls and acai bowls , but next year will see the variety of bowl food increase dramatically . From poke ( a Hawaiian raw fish dish ) to Buddha bowls ( a vegan dish of grains and vegetables ) and Bibimbap ( Korean mixed rice ).
4 . Technology
Next year will see technology becoming increasingly important as it allows more variety in the presentation of food and drink than ever before . However chefs must be wary of over-reliance on technology - it shouldn ’ t distract from the food experience .
5 . The Rise of the vegetable
As people become more conscious of the ethical and sourcing issues surrounding meat and other animal based dishes , vegetarian options are going to become a staple in 2017 . More people will begin to explore plant-based options to meat , even if they are carnivores , in an attempt to reduce their meat intake . Produce such as chickpeas , corn , legumes and fungi will all be used as meat substitutes designed to appeal to both vegetarians and meat-eaters .
With its meaty texture and ability to absorb flavours when it is cooked , the jackfruit is being much touted as the meat substitute with the greatest chance of going mainstream in 2017 .