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‘ The ice age is over ’

Kaelo - a British innovation

A new British invention does away with ice and water and adds style .
Designed and handmade in England , Kaelo “ fuses British craftsmanship with patented technology to create the perfect serving experience ”. One single touch of the solid stainless steel bezel activates a Kaelo immediately creating an ice-cold chamber that keeps a bottle perfectly chilled , but also dry so the bottle does not drip when poured . While on , a ‘ subtle halo of light ’ from the Kaelo softy illuminates the bottle .
By eliminating the need to use ice cubes and buckets , Kaelo offers a ‘ seamless user experience ’. Unlike a conventional ice bucket , a Kaelo maintains a consistently cold and dry environment and will therefore not over-chill and numb the subtle flavours of fine wines . Nor will they become warm and above the recommended serving temperature .
Kaelo uses patented ‘ Kryolux ’ technology , powerful enough to work immediately , yet consuming less power than a 60w light bulb . Handbuilt in Oxford , each component is precision machined from a solid block of raw material “ to ensure the highest calibre of performance and lustre ”.
The creation of the mirror-finish bezel is the most intensive and critical process . Crafted from a 3kg block of solid stainless steel , several precision machined cuts are 
 needed at ultra-high speeds to create the seamless edge-to-edge curve . It is then 
 meticulously polished until flawless .
Tom ‘ WineChap ’ Harrow , co-founder of Honest Grapes , says :
“ Drips ruin surfaces - whether removing the layers of varnish on your mahogany sideboard , making a mess of your gallery ’ s floor , or staining the leather interior of your limousine or jet . Enter Kaelo - an innovative , attractive and practical solution to the challenge of keeping bottles at the right temperature in all the right places .”
Born from an obsession to create an iconic lifestyle masterpiece , Kaelo was developed and refined over several years by Kevin Jabou , Founder and Managing Director , who says of the tradition of serving expensive wines in buckets : “ There had to be a better solution for the modern world . Ice buckets are over 200 years old and are common nuisances that everyone has had to tolerate . But the ice age is finally over .”
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