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Intertraco :

A Perfect Solutions ’ Partner

Intertraco provides a fully compatible range of products for its customers .
Established in Suzzara ( Mantova ), Italy , the family-owned business Intertraco adheres to the principle that a good supplier contributes to its customers ' success by offering the highest level of expertise in its own products . Following this principle , Intertraco ’ s goal is to work closely with its partners to provide them with a comprehensive range of fully tested products that can be trusted to respond to the most varied and complex requirements and demands of the market . Hose + Coupling World recently caught up with CEO , Mr . Stefano Bertazzoni to talk about the company ’ s resounding success story and its plans for the future .
By John Butterfield
Early History Founded in 1979 , Intertraco began its business by producing a range of components for mechanical and hydraulic power transmission . In the 1980s , however , the company refocused its commercial activities to give it a more specialist approach to producing hydraulic connectors . At first , this involved making couplings for customer designs for some of the ‘ big names ’ in the industry . It was not long before Intertraco went on to design and develop its own ‘ fluid connector ’ components for conveying fluid under pressure : fittings for flexible hoses , quick release couplings , adaptors , swivel joints , and valves . It has subsequently integrated these components with a complete line of compatible hoses . Mr . Bertazzoni takes up the story : “ This evolvement occurred very naturally for us . Setting out to work for the big-name companies and producing their designs was initially not an easy task for us because these companies were demanding . Yet these relationships taught us
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