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With the holiday season fast approaching , I cannot help but reflect on the many new obstacles that we have learned to navigate and adapt to over this past year . Unforeseen challenges and industry uncertainties have pushed us into unknown territories and tested our resilience . I am very thankful that we have been able to not only adjust to the ‘ new normal ’ but persevere as a community . I would therefore like to introduce this final issue of 2021 by saying thank you to all the individuals in our industry who have committed to transforming their day-to-day processes to better our community . It is your dedication that has led to major mergers , plenty of new innovative products , and numerous milestones reached .
To wrap up this year ’ s hose driven content , we have chosen to focus this issue ’ s special topic on Hose Assemblies . The special topic article , found on page 18 , provides an in-depth look at how to determine what type of equipment is necessary for proper hose installation , the various types of assemblies available , and addresses the different standards for tees , joints , and couplings across different locations .
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April 2022 Heavy / Hazardous Transport
June 2022 Mining Applications
August 2022 Construction and Hydro Excavation
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December 2022 Hydraulic Hoses
In this month ’ s Cover Story we discuss Intertraco ’ s dedication to adhering to the principle that a good supplier contributes to its customers ' success by offering the highest level of expertise in its own products . With a goal to work closely with its partners to provide them with a comprehensive range of fully tested applications that can be trusted to respond to the most varied and complex requirements and demands of the market , Intertraco is continually sought after by several industries . Be sure to read the full article on page 8 .
With many technical articles focused on a range of topics spanning from an alternative standard for hydraulic hoses , and the importance of selecting the appropriate hose cover , on page 26 and 34 , to hoses for hydrogen fueling stations , on page 42 , I am confident that there is something for everyone in this issue of Hose + Coupling World .
I encourage you to send me your technical articles , case studies and press releases and I look forward to continuing to meet new industry professionals . Please feel free to contact me at a . pajkovic @ kci-world . com , should you have any questions or if you would like to be featured in Hose + Coupling World magazine . Together , we can continue to explore all of the sectors that rely on hoses , and the ways that they enhance each industries productivity . Thank you again for your continued support , and Happy Holidays !
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