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Where to find PAFS . Image source http :// www . newmoa . org / events / docs / 228 / PFAS _ Sampling _ Chiang _ Aug2016 . pdf
to almost zero , making it a cornerstone in the effort to decrease fugitive emissions , battle climate change , and protect workers . In many applications the unique properties of PTFE mean that there is not an acceptable alternative solution .
PFAS Chemicals of Concern PFAS chemicals of concern include perfluorooctanoic acid ( PFOA ) and perfluorooctane sulfonic acid ( PFOS ). These should be regulated to ensure that they do not entre drinking water or the environment . The thousands of other chemicals , which do not have these detrimental characteristics , should not therefore be grouped into one sweeping regulation or legislative action which may exclude or restrict the use of the safe materials that benefit safety and the environment . Major PTFE manufacturers have removed the use of PFOA from PTFE production processes entirely , eliminating risk and the use of hazardous materials .
What the FSA Recommends for Legislation of PFAS The Fluid Sealing Association recommends that lawmakers use a science-based approach to regulating harmful PFAS chemicals , such as PFOA and PFOS . They also urge regulating bodies to base regulations on standardized test methods and acceptance limits of materials deemed harmful by the EPA . The EPA and other regulating bodies should keep using the grouping concept to distinguish hazardous chemicals from non-hazardous in making determinations ; the scope of any regulation should exclude all chemicals deemed non-harmful .
The FSA is also proposing language in state and federal legislation that would ‘ carve out ’ PTFE for industry use similar to language for using PTFE in medical usage . This will ensure industry keep running with current PTFE technology .
FSA ’ s Mission The FSA ’ s mission is to be recognized as the primary source of technical information ; to influence and support the development of related standards and to provide education in the fluid sealing area . To promote a safe , clean environment for society and a safe workplace the employees of the users of sealing products . To monitor the economic , environmental , and social changes which may impact our membership ’ s business and to maintain a forum for the exchange of this information . FSA supports sensible regulation and legislation to protect the health and safety of our communities and environment .
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