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SureFire Ag System Sentinel Row Control SureFire Ag Systems launched a new product line , called Sentinel Row Control , which contains a meter module with flow meters for four rows of crops . A hose runs from the flow meter of each module to the row control valve mounted on or near the row unit . A tube then runs from the flow control valve to the placement device .
Dorman Fuel Filter Hose Dorman Products , Inc . announced the release of 445 new auto parts , including a new Fuel Filter Hose . This replacement fuel line is made to safely transfer fuel and endure in tough underhood and undercar conditions .
Gates Hydraulic Hose – MegaSys TM MXG TM 5K Gates has introduced its latest hydraulic hose , the MegaSys TM MXG TM 5K . The hose is lighter , more flexible , and more durable than a typical 5000 psi ( 350 bar ) hydraulic hose . The MXG 5K offers wire spiral performance in a flexible , lightweight , innovative , high-pressure hydraulic hose using Gates patented Xpiral™ woven spiral technology . The hose is tested to one million impulse cycles at 250 º F ( 121 º C ), has twice the legacy industry standard for spiral hoses , and has a bend radius that is also 50 % of the industry standard .
Unifiller Systems Uni-Sprayer Unifiller Systems has announced that it has launched a new Uni-Sprayer , designed to function as a standalone machine , the Uni-Sprayer features a 5 US Gallon ( 19 L ) pressurized tank , mobile frame with enclosed pneumatics , and a food-grade flexible braided hose for easy spraying and flocking .
New RYCO Hydraulics Line of Crimpers The exclusive RYCO Package , with its new line of Crimpers , includes an Electrical Footswitch , The Die Storage Panel / Die Storage Table , and the Quick-Change gun . The models include the Brand- New RY137 EVO with a rotating head , RY230 , RY300 , RY350 and the RY420 SCS . These crimpers have the capacity of crimping from a 1 ¼ ” - 3 ” hydraulic hose .
SAMES KREMLIN Low Pressure Fluid Hose SAMES KREMLIN launched the new Airspray low pressure fluid hose to market . This hose pairs well with several systems , including : Airspray manual pressure spray guns ; Airspray automatic guns ; Diaphragm pumps ; Airspray tanks ( pressure pots ); Airspray piston pumps ; Recirculating loop ; Fluid Transfer solutions . The new Airspray hose is available in three diameters : a small size ( whip end , low flow rate ) with 3.2mm ( 1 / 8 ”) internal diameter , a medium size ( feed one or several guns ) with 6.4mm ( ¼ ”) internal diameter , and a large size ( large flowrate , recirculating ) with 9.5mm ( 3 / 8 ”) internal diameter .
Trelleborg Updates O-Rings & Back-up Rings Catalog Trelleborg has updated the O-Rings and Back-up Rings catalog with four additional materials and adjusted sizes and tolerances based on AS568 for easier ordering . Simple in form , but not in function , the humble O-Ring is one of the most widely used seals in the world . O-Rings are available in a wide selection of materials and designs , offering consistent and reliable sealing in thousands of applications .
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