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COVER STORY Intertraco : A Perfect Solutions ’ Partner Established in Suzzara ( Mantova ), Italy , the family-owned business Intertraco adheres to the principle that a good supplier contributes to its customers ' success by offering the highest level of expertise in its own products . Following this principle , Intertraco ’ s goal is to work closely with its partners to provide them with a comprehensive range of fully tested products that can be trusted to respond to the most varied and complex requirements and demands of the market .
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The Necessity of Hoses In the Chemical Industry
To have a successful career in the Oil and Gas industry , one must be highly skilled , well-rounded , and always looking to further their existing knowledge . Gilbert Alonzo , a Mechanical Engineer and Technical Consultant for BP Oil and Gas Exploration , knows this well . Across the span of his almost 40-year career , Alonzo has faced numerous challenges and gained experience working with several process vital systems and components of the Oil and Gas industry – including the often-overlooked application and usage of hoses in an industrial plant .
Understanding Hose Assembly
Hoses themselves are not a readyto-use product . In order to connect a hose to a technique or other aggregate unit , the device must be equipped with a suitable connection . Modern equipment manufacturers offer a fairly large variety of connections , though there is no one universal hose connection that fits every kind of equipment . So , how do you know the kind of equipment necessary for a hose installation ?
An Alternative Standard for Hydraulic Hoses
Many industry professionals are already aware that the ISO 18752 standard can streamline design and improve productivity . After all , there are several aspects of this global standard that could have direct financial and operational impacts on a business . More importantly however , switching from traditional standards could help hydraulic system designers boost efficiency , improve uptime , and streamline the selection process for products globally .
Rubber Hydraulic Hose : Where a Book Can be Judged by its Cover !
The hose industry is a complex one . There are many professionals who make judgement calls in regards to hydraulic hoses , without a thorough understanding of the complexity involved in selecting the correct hose for a particular application . Without the insight of engineering professionals who are familiar with the wear and abrasion of hose covers , or have experience in the field , this can be a very risky decision . Very few individuals , if any at all , can be experts on every single application ’ s intimate details , including : its motion , abrasion intensity , number of cycles , or expected life cycle , ( aka : duty cycle ). The lack of diligence to consult experts on these subjects has become more of an issue today than ever before . It is interesting to ask why this process has so many challenges ?
Hoses for Hydrogen Fueling Stations
Hydrogen is not a one-size-fits-all solution , as it has significant drawbacks , but one of the applications where it might develop a useful niche is in transportation . More precisely , it can be used as a fuel for light and heavy vehicles . Japan , Germany , and the United States are some of the countries that already have a network of hydrogen fueling stations and a key component on them is hoses . They are the final link between the dispenser and the end user and need to withstand very challenging conditions . To understand this transition it is beneficial to learn more about hydrogen as a source of renewable energy and the role hoses play in conveying it for the automotive industry .
All PFAS Chemicals are Not the Same
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There are currently a group of chemicals which have been placed in the spotlight and are receiving significant attention . Per-and polyfluoroalkyl substances ( PFAS ) are being discussed in the media and are constantly referenced as substances that will lead to the next industrial disaster . Some of the information depicted about these can at times be hyperbolic . The Fluid Sealing Association ( FSA ) is therefore actively trying to give concrete , fact based , knowledge about this subject to counter some of the more hysterical reactions to these issues .
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