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Concluding on Value This application is a brutal one leaving any mine to realize these hoses will fail and will be replaced from abuse strictly from its intended duty cycle . However , both hoses were the same specification based on the manufacturer ’ s description of the strength of their hose covers . These results showed a drastic gap in perception . It is this type of study that can truly reveal the value of a product !
Manuli ’ s commitment to designing and producing industry-leading hydraulic hose and fitting systems will continue . Fluid Hose will continue to collaborate with Manuli and the industry willing to educate and share knowledge along the way .
Image 1 : Jumbo Drilling Machine .
used equally it was deemed each brand had equal product placement with regards to wear from movement .
The study in question is still ongoing . At the point of writing this case study , the Manuli ROCKMASTER hose still has not failed . This means the hose is still going strong after 14 + months ! By this time the competitive hose brand was replaced three times . Considering the abrasion from the rocks and the excessive elongation from dynamic pressure and tensioning , the Manuli ROCKMASTER hose showed great resistance and strength .
Blake Justice has had a career that spans 31 years in the Hydraulic and Industrial Hose Industry . He has indepth experience around sales , product management , technical applications and material , manufacturing and importing across Canada .

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