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Rubber Hydraulic Hose : Where a Book Can be Judged by Its Cover !

The hose industry is a complex one . There are many professionals who make judgement calls in regard to hydraulic hoses without a thorough understanding of the complexity involved in selecting the correct hose for a particular application . Without the insight of engineering professionals who are familiar with the wear and abrasion of hose covers , or industry experts with equal field experience , this can be a very risky decision . Very few individuals , if any at all , can be experts on every single application ’ s intimate details , including : its motion , abrasion intensity , number of cycles , or expected life cycle , ( aka : duty cycle ). The lack of diligence to consult experts on these subjects has become more of an issue today than ever before . It is interesting to ask then , why does this process have so many challenges ?
By Blake Justice , National Sales Manager , Fluid Hose
Figure 1 . Results explained . The value of each stack is indicative of the amount of material that was removed during the testing . Meaning the higher the value the worse the abrasion resistance .
Current Challenges Challenge # 1 Ongoing Equipment Manufactures ( OEM ): Automated supply chain systems are growing and will eventually dominate . Now is the time for engineers to make certain the correct hose is plotted in their supply chain . This often conflicts with supply chain ’ s goal of buying right , if ‘ right ’ is defined as spending less . The current challenge with this transition is that engineering or field expertise is rarely consulted .
Challenge # 2 Maintenance , Repair and , Overhaul ( MRO ): The hydraulic hose industry has enjoyed decades of industry experience in the field , a trend that is not likely to be continued by incoming generations . At a tribal knowledge level , in the field is where complex questions can be addressed faster than second- or third-level consultations allow ; a salesperson speaks to applications engineer who seeks further answers , before returning to answer the upfront questions posed by customers .
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