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An Alternative Standard for Hydraulic Hoses

Many industry professionals are already aware that the ISO 18752 standard can streamline design and improve productivity . After all , there are several aspects of this global standard that could have direct financial and operational impacts on a business . More importantly however , switching from traditional standards could help hydraulic system designers boost efficiency , improve uptime , and streamline the selection process for products globally .
By Kyri McDonough , Global eBusiness Marketing Manager , Parker
Adopting ISO18752 Hydraulic hoses can be found in countless applications across industries and markets around the world . There are many complex standards developed and augmented by organizations regionally and globally that regulate the construction and performance specifications for these hydraulic hoses . While standards are constantly evolving with the progression of technology to meet industry demands , many companies , manufacturers , and end customers stand to benefit greatly from improved standards , such as the newer global ISO 18752 hydraulic hose specification .
Traditionally , OEMs of hydraulically driven equipment , such as material handlers and other types of mobile equipment , have specified their hydraulic hoses using engineering standards common to the region where those machines were being manufactured .
For example , North American builders of mobile equipment like tractors and excavators have long used SAE standards , created by the U . S . -based standards organization SAE International ( traditionally known as the Society of Automotive Engineers ), to provide general , dimensional , and performance specifications for hydraulic hoses .
Another common group of standards used for specifications are the collection of ISO standards , written by the International Organization for Standardization . This global organization has created several standards relating to hydraulic hoses used in various industries and applications . These standards support the technology used by OEMs and end users , and consistently ensure the quality and proper usage of materials and products across markets .
Traditional Hydraulic Hose Standards North American hydraulic system designers have most commonly used the SAE standards for specification . Originally published in 1968 , the SAE standard has been revised more than 20 times . SAE J517 currently contains more than a dozen sub-standards , such as 100R1 , 100R2 ,
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