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“ We have companies that specialize in making hoses for us ,” he said . “ We would give them the specifications , including : the product being handled , the pressure , temperature rating , the length , and the connections , and the company would make them for us . We also have testing requirements , which the companies do for us . Quite often we witness this testing . The testing includes testing the hose when it is new as well as on a periodic basis , such as yearly . We specify the testing requirements , including what media to use during testing . At BP , we have a lot of hoses on the offshore platforms to load and unload product from ships ,” Alonzo continued . “ So , hoses are everywhere ; you cannot get away from them .”
“ As there is a lot of equipment in a chemical plant , hoses are sometimes taken for granted . To disregard hoses is a mistake .”
Common Challenges The biggest challenge regarding hoses in a chemical facility , is determining the correct specifications for every hose and its fitting and / or coupling . “ This means determining the right pressure , temperature rating , and following all governmental and company standards ,” explained Alonzo .
“ An operator must have a plan in place to make sure all the testing and inspection is done on a regular basis , whether that is annual , or whatever may be required ,” he said . “ Often , this plan means detaching the hose , sending it back to the company for testing ( usually hydrotesting ), and gathering a pressure rating to guarantee the integrity and ongoing success of the hose .”
Alonzo also said that capturing product from a disconnected hose can be a challenge as well . “ How do you keep that product from spilling on the ground ?” he questioned . “ Sometimes you have to flush the hose once in service , or blow nitrogen through it ,” he explained . “ Normally though , we like to keep all the connections in place as long as possible ; only when you must disconnect will you have to make sure there is no spillage .”
Necessity of Hoses For Alonzo , a big focus of his career was and still is learning several facets of chemical plant operation to ensure he has a well-rounded and complete understanding of all processes . “ We do not really have any hose specialists or hose subject matter experts like we do for other kinds of materials and machinery ,” he said .
It is for this reason that in his experience , despite focusing on valves and other mechanical equipment , that hoses were also a major part of Alonzo ’ s work . Though he said many may underestimate or undervalue hoses in the workplace , Alonzo knows their true value and necessity .
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