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The hoses used in a chemical plant have to be labeled , sized , and rated for pressure and temperature to ensure that they will not fail when used for their intended application . It is important that the correct hose be used for the correct application . Materials of construction are very important . The materials have to be compatible with the fluid or gas being transported in the hose . The materials also determine the strength of the hose , which sometimes need to be self-supporting .
“ There is actually a lot of engineering that goes into hoses ,” he continued . “ A lot of different materials are used in construction , and there are a wide range of applications depending on what a hose is rated for . The materials of construction have to be compatible with whatever the fluid or gas that is being transported . Some fluids and gases are flammable , hazardous and possibly lethal . So , compatibility can be critical .”
There are a wide range of additives and chemicals that are used in offshore production of oil and gas . There are therefore several processes that involve high pressure and specialty hoses . Likewise , hoses that carry high temperature liquids , often require hoses that are fabricated with stainless steel and reinforced by various methods to ensure that they do not burst from the pressure .
“ There are a wide range of platforms for offshore and Deepwater operations . Some are floating platforms , so they move with the seas , and that is why hoses are vital ; they flex and move accordingly .”
Hose Acquisition Although he did not personally handle the design and construction of the hoses himself , Alonzo often liaised with vendors and companies to ensure the proper hoses were ordered for several chemical plant applications .
Types of Hoses Used in Industrial Processes
Chemical Flume Extraction Hoses
Ventilating fumes is a vital process in many industrial practices , chemical plants included . With a chemical flume extraction hose , one can ventilate the fumes generated by harsh chemicals and ensure safe material handling . In extrusion and drumming processes , chemical flume extraction hoses are common .
Light Material Handling Hoses
Most commonly utilized for the transportation of dry goods and powders , light material handling hoses are some of the most common of all hose types used in industrial settings . These hoses are used in packaging and solids handling transfer systems .
Ventilation Hoses
Necessary for handling gas , air , smoke , fumes , and other potential pollutants , ventilation hoses are vital to most industrial operations . Chemical plants often use ventilation hoses to safely move hazardous fumes and particulates out of harm ’ s way .
Dust Collection Hoses
Like the name suggests , dust collection hoses are used to collect dust , woodchips , and other small materials in a range of industrial processes and settings . Dust collection hoses are crucial , since most dusts can contribute to an explosion hazard .
High-Temperature Hoses
When working with high-temperature processes or with high-temperature materials , these types of hoses are best suited . High-temperature hoses allow for the contraction and expansion from temperature , which sometimes limits using hard pipe .
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