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State-of-the-Art Manufacturing When it comes to Intertraco ’ s production sites , ‘ state-of-the-art manufacturing ’ are the key words to describe the company ’ s capabilities . All the company ’ s modern and automated manufacturing processes are implemented according to the most advanced industry 4.0 best practices and are supported by strict quality control procedures , which allow the complete traceability of products at all stages of their lifecycles . Company products are also designed with advanced finite element methodologies ( FEM ) and mathematical models targeting performances by calculation that exceed the most severe international and industry standards . All project data is tested and validated in the company ’ s laboratories by its very experienced R & D team . All hose and fittings combinations , for example , are extensively tested to ensure that a perfectly matched system is produced , and their validation is certified by DNV , ABS , MED , and USCG .
Quality The substantial investments that Intertraco has made in recent years in its state-of-the-art machinery has ensured that it can quickly adapt to meet any application needs or customer requirements . “ Moreover ”, said Mr . Bertazzoni “ we believe that the quality of the machines that we use is directly related to the quality of the individual components that we produce . All our production activities and development programs are managed to the highest and most exacting standards .”
The care given to the research and development of new products and processes has allowed Intertraco to grow into an ideal partner in the continual evolution of hydraulic components . Its commitment towards quality , not only concerns the various levels of selection of materials and controls taking place in the various stages of production ( design , testing , production , logistics ), but also in the full traceability of components ranging from raw materials right through to final products deliveries .
The company has three production sites , one research and development centre , a modern and competent technical department , and a large distribution logistic unit , making it a major force in the hydraulics industry and providing its customers with the feeling that they can be really relied upon . “ We are a trustworthy and reliable company throughout all phases of our production but particularly with regards to how our designs are able to anticipate performance . We also understand the logistics process very well , enabling us to delivery according to timely schedules .”
“ We also understand the logistics process very well , enabling us to delivery according to timely schedules ,” says Mr . Bertazzoni .
Products are individually inspected .
Impulse tests are carried out on the products .
Future Plans For the future , Intertraco will continue to remain a specialist in the segments in which it currently operating . “ We do not to want to grow for the purpose of growing . We want to keep ahead in our business fields and continue to invest in state-ofthe-art technology ,” relayed Mr . Bertazzoni . “ We also want to keep to a size where we can continue to work as a partner with our customers , understanding their needs and complementing their businesses to make them more successful . In this respect we will continue to support our customers by providing them with complete product package and comprehensive solutions the challenges that they face . If we cannot become the biggest company in the world , we want to strive to be the best in our customers ’ eyes .
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