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The automated manufacturing processes are supported by strict quality control procedures , which allow the complete traceability of products at all stages of their lifecycles .
Intertraco endeavours to fill a space in the market somewhere between the smaller companies and the big multinationals , offering a broad range of products and worldwide support to its customers . Although the company ’ s manufacturing takes place in Italy , Intertraco sees that equipment is assembled in a number of locations – namely Germany , Finland , Sweden , and North America .
“ Although we supply to the whole world , Intertraco ’ s target markets are to be found in Europe , North America , and Australia ," says Mr Bertazzoni “ with our clients working largely within the earth moving , mobile , mining , industrial machinery , and highpressure applications .
What also differs Intertraco in the marketplace is that it works to establish a direct and long-term relationship with a relatively limited number of key customers whose well-being it regards as being central . As such , its relationships with its clients can probably best be described more in terms of partnerships rather than a supplier / user relationship .
The company ’ s customers can roughly be divided into two main categories : Original Equipment Manufacturers ( OEMs ) and a number of defined , and selected distributors who , in their own right , carry out business with regional OEMs , sub-distributors , and for after-market sales . “ We have a great respect for our customers , never trying to invade into their market areas ,” continued Mr . Bertazzoni . “ We believe that by working closely together and by sharing technical , market , and commercial knowledge we can provide better solutions to customers . Taking responsibility for the effectiveness of the supply chain as well , also helps to support our name and our brand .” For example , staff from Intertraco might visit a client with their assembler who knows the local market well and together this enables them to identify how to better structure and implement effective working solutions to gain business that separately they might not be able to achieve .
Production “ Our specialised production lines are all closely coordinated within our own production plants ,“ explained Mr . Bertazzoni . “ Intertraco offers the market a complete range of premium hydraulic components for conveying and controlling hydraulic fluid along with the capability to supply bespoke products for any customer requirements or tailored drawings .” In fact , the company ’ s fully integrated packages of products are produced to the finest quality . It is something that it takes specific pride in . Furthermore , the company ’ s range of products are designed to provide product excellence in the first place , but also very highperformance levels when assembled and put into use . “ Our range is also designed to be easily understood by customers . We do not produce multiple ranges of couplings , only three . As such the range is not only user-friendly but is also very comprehensive .
All the company ’ s modern and automated manufacturing processes are implemented according to the most advanced industry 4.0 best practices .
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