Hooo-Hooo Volume 11 Nr 1 - Page 8

WildLife Group of the SAVA veterinary management of African Wildlife Conference 2017 Dr Greg simpson The Faculty of Veterinary Science (FVS) recently co-hosted the Veterinary Management of African Wildlife Conference with the South African Veterinary Association Wildlife Group (SAVA WG) from the 21st to 25th February. This was the first time the annual SAVA WG joined with the faculty to host their annual conference. We had a great turnout with 219 registrations, including 8 international delegates, 43 students and 18 trade representatives. It was a busy five days starting with two workshops: “Critical monitoring during immobilization” by Dr Leith Meyer and “Carnivore immobilization, anaesthesia and nutrition” by Dr Adrian Tordiffe, both from the FVS. The following four days had themes. The first being “Rhino and Elephant Conservation Medicine” with the keynote speaker Dr Michael Knight of the IUCN African Rhino Specialist Group talking on “Medicine to save Africa’s rhinos”. The second day’s theme was “People and Wildlife” with Dr Mike Kock talking on “Protected areas and people: where have all the elephant and rhino gone, and more important why?”. He gave great veterinary and 8 medical anthropological perspective on transfrontier conservation areas. Friday’s theme was “Wildlife Disease” with Dr William Karesh opening with the talk “Can we call them wildlife diseases anymore?” which gave a global perspective on emerging diseases. The theme of the last day was “Applied Clinical Practice” with Dr Johan Marais started the day with the insightful “Rhino in the room”. We were fortunate to have a great variety of speakers from Southern Africa, North America, Europe and Asia. They covered a diversity of topics from tuberculosis diagnosis to immobilization drug protocols and side effects. The talks are