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Letter from the chairman Dear Colleagues, It was great to see so many of us at the conference as delegates We will continue to push that matter. and presenters. We hope it was a social and learning experience for those that attended. As members you can access many of the The SAVC has a legal presentation on the TOPS legislation to the talks on our website Department of Environmental Affairs and is awaiting a response from the minister. Your committee, with your input and legal help, has been pushing hard to develop input for the Veterinary and Para- The 9th Veterinary & Paraveterinary and SASVEPM Congress will be Veterinary Professions Act, respond to the Draft General Medicine held from 25th July in Pretoria http://savetcon.co.za/Congress2017/ Regulations and the late inclusion of veterinarian in section index.php. There will be a wildlife parallel session on the 26th. 22 of the Medicines and Related Substances Amendment Act. Our responses will be posted on our website and your input is Enjoy reading the great CPD article from Dr Rick Last and Dr Michele welcome. We are also pushing the Medicines Control Council on Miller’s overview of diseases in rhinos. the legislation affecting compounding of drugs to make it practical and relevant to us. We initially made progress, but the response has been slow of late. All the best Greg 2017 MAY 3