Hooo-Hooo Volume 10, Nr 3 - Page 7

• • Dry month supplementation: products with a crude protein value equal to or greater than 16% (16 to 40%) • In the form of cubes, pellets, self-mixed feed, blocks and fine licks. Green months - salt mineral and trace mineral licks – in either a fine meal or a block. It is important to remember, supplements are concentrates with high levels of certain nutrients, do not over feed or supply ad lib. This will prevent rumen related disorders like ruminitis, diarrhoea and acidosis. Follow the intake guidelines from the feed firm, when feeding. Please remember when starting supplementation, or changing the feed adapt the animals slowly. Semi adlib feeds In terms of practically feeding the animals requirements are equal to 1 + 2 + 3, where 1 + 2 is the semi adlib feed the rest (3) = grass or available roughage. When animals are supplied 2/3rds of their diet in the form of a self-mixed feed or pellets. Ensure the balance of their total requirement – the last 3rd must be high quality roughage. Similarly, the semi adlib feed will thus also supply the animals with the necessary nutrients for optimal production and reproduction. In short a diluted form of the supplement. • Crude protein values vary between 10 (grazers) and 14% (browsers) • The minerals and vitamin levels should be lower than the supplements. This option is often used when there is limited natural forage in the camp, normally in the dry months, drought and when camps have little or no grazing left. • • When feeding grazers, where there is limited or no grazing, supply high quality grass hay. When feeding browsers where there is limited or no natural browse, supply Lucerne hay. P.S. When semi adlib feeds are supplied, or feeds are changed adapt the animals gradually. Ensure every animal has their daily share of roughage. Full feeds In terms of practically feeding the animals requirements are equal to 1 + 2 + 3, where 1 + 2 +3 must fill the animals belly and fulfil the animal’s physiological nutritional requirements. Supplying the animals with their total nutrient requirement on a daily basis, in short the supplement plus the roughage component as a complete meal. 2016 JULY 7