Hooo-Hooo Volume 10, Nr 3 | Page 3

Letter from the chairman Dear Colleagues, The winter solstice has passed and the year is pressing on. We joined the SAVC mini-congress last month. There was a good turnout of representative from the veterinary and para-veterinary bodies. We raised the issue on support on finding solutions for the lack of immobilization drugs and the difficulties we are having with the TOPS permits. They are engaging the Department of Environmental Affairs with the SAVA and pushing to have veterinarians exempt from these permits. It bodes to being a long process, but hopefully positive. We have sent a letter of concern and requesting assistance to the Medicines Control Council on the lack of immobilization drugs. We then had a meeting with them to discuss short and long-term solutions. The meeting was positive with the suggestion being made that we apply as a group for a section 21 approval to use a few drugs in the short term. We have made that application and wait a result. If positive, we will discuss with you how it will work with the vets in the field. In the long term it was proposed to have a working group look at the legislation and look at making it more friendly to how we as veterinarians need to work. A proposal has been made for a more international longer congress next year in partnership with the veterinary faculty. We believe this will make for a better congress and although it will mean vets and non-vets not from our group will attend, the bulk of the attendees will be group members and we will end up with a more international and diverse congress that will be to the benefit of members. We once again have interesting and educational content in this edition. We cover nutrition, adverse drug reactions and dehorning. A big thanks to Katja and the contributors Drs Shepstone, Last and O’Dell. Enjoy the days getting longer Greg 2016 JULY 3