Hooo-Hooo Hooo-Hooo Volume 12 Issue 03 - Page 9

7. TRANQUILIZATION (Other colleagues) Azaperone Diazepan Midazolan 40 mg 50mg and 15-20mg or 15-20mg and 10mg IV and 50-100 mg Age Azaperone Diazepan 4 months 20 10 months Acuphase Haloperidol Reference 50mg and 10mg or and 14 mg Gerber S 10-20mg Grobler D 10-15mg or Eksteen JW 50-100 mg Haloperidol Acuphase Reference 5mg iv 25 Grobler D 30 5mg iv 10mg im 50 15 months 40 5mg iv 15mg im 10 50 22 months 40 5mg iv 15mg im 15 75 Adult Cow 50 5mg iv 20mg im 15 75 Adult Bull 50 5mg iv 20mg im 20 100 8. GREATEST THREATS Are susceptible to capture myopathy if over-exerted addition of hyaluronidase to reduce down times Bull attack of the animal partially immobilized. Protect the darted animal from other bulls Enterotoxaemia – sudden flush of green grass after fire and poor nutritional condition Sarcoptic mange associated with poor nutritional condition and stress Abcesses (thorn veldt - coastal EC) Malignant Catarrhal Fever MCF is caused by infection with either the gammaherpesvirus of blue wildebeest, white bearded wildebeest and black wildebeest or that of domestic sheep The wildebeest associated virus is the alcelaphine herpes virus 1 (A1HV-!) and the sheep is the ovine herpes virus (OvHV2). It is of paramount importance in an outbreak situation to identify the relevant type. In the past strictly Veterinary control measures were applied for the control of the disease and movement of wildebeest but during 1993. Legislation to control MCF transmitted by wildebeest was enacted in 1984 in South Africa under the Animal Disease Act (Act 35 of 1984). The disease was declared a controlled disease and Veterinary controlled measures for the keeping and movement of wildebeest applied. During 1993 these controlled measures were lifted and the disease was no longer classified as a controlled disease. 2018 NOVEMBER 9