Hooo-Hooo Hooo-Hooo Volume 12 Issue 03 - Page 3

Letter from the chairman Dear Colleagues, We have a diverse collection of stories for you with an article on blue wildebeest, bee die-off and dental eruption in buffalos. We are in a period of ethical reflection with regards to our roles as veterinarians in the wildlife economy. This economy is seen differently to the livestock economy and depending on the animals being worked with and the organizational background there is differing sentiments. We as veterinarians are looked to for a professional voice to direct societal directions. We are going to have to give more input over the coming years into the standards for the utilization of wildlife. We hope to get your input. The coming festive season is always a time to reflect and be thankful. Although our country is in the most challenging period we have had over the last two decades, there are signs for optimism. We have a greater drive to clean out corruption, stabilize state owned enterprises and improve political accountability. This will have an impact on our economy, which will hopefully be a positive effect on us all. We must also do our bit to praise those that take the correct values to heart and ourselves set a good example. We have our conference coming up in March and hope to see you all there. We will again have two workshops the day before so put the time aside to be educated. Happy vetting and enjoy the special time with your loved ones over this coming month. Happy vetting. Greg 2018 NOVEMBER 3