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Fresh tracks and a blood trail had originally been discovered over 250m south east of the carcass, and his stride indicated that he had run for 200 m before slowing down to a walk and then eventually collapsing at this final location. External and Internal Findings No ear notches were observed and no microchip was discovered after scanning the entire body with a universal microchip reader (Identipet Pocket Reader; Identipet, Johannesburg, South Africa). Figure 3. Forceps used to highlight the trajectory of the bullet). Both horns had been removed by a large, sharp blade (machete or similar) which caused severe lacerations and trauma proximal, distal and lateral to the horn bases. This trauma extended through the maxilla and into the nasal sinuses and resulted in extensive bleeding from the injuries. Eight cm of the tail tip had also been cut off. Single bullet entry and exit wounds were discovered lateral and medial to the right mid radius respectively. An additional bullet entry wound was discovered over the left lateral thorax, caudal to the shoulder, at a 450 angle directed cranially (Figures 2 and 3). A high calibre bullet tract was followed from the left thoracic entry point, diagonally across the cranial thoracic cavity to where it came to where a bullet Figure 4. Recovered bullet prior to being placed in an SAPS evidence bag came to rest under the skin of the right lateral-ventral neck region. This bullet was submitted to the SAPS as evidence (Figure 4). Conclusion Figure 2. Poached black rhino sub-adult male turned onto right side to expose bullet entry point (white star). The bullet caused severe trauma to the cranial thoracic organs (cranial lung lobes and heart base) and resulted in the death of this animal. However, the trauma was not sufficient enough to cause an immediate death. Hence, he moved off before collapsing at the distant site. A second injury involved a bullet passing perpendicular (lateral to medial) through the right radius and out the body. This bullet could not be located. 2017 December 9