Hooo-Hooo Hooo-Hooo Vol. 13 Issue 01 - Page 3

Letter from the chairman Dear Colleagues, Once again we have a nice mix of articles with case studies, an article on botulism and one on cyanobacterial poisoning. We are blessed to be in a profession that gives us a view into the complex and fascinating world of biology. As we spend time in this biological world we are compelled to protect it. We desire to understand diseases and how to prevent and cure them. Global media has focused on the burning Amazon, the lungs of our planet. It is hard to conceive the narrowminded destruction of such a precious asset. We are frustrated with what is happening far away. Yet, we must also take ownership for our role in the destruction of our natural resources closer to home. We need to look at our lifestyle, our consumption, travel and the example we set by the choices we make. These natural resources give us employment, financial rewards, life and great joy. As vets we are consistently at the interface between humans and animals juggling the needs of both. This week I listened to Hanli Prinsloo, a famous South African free-diver, talking about her passion getting school kids into the ocean. Kids that would never venture into the ocean and once they do they discover an unseen world. It give her great pleasure and makes a difference to the lives of the children and hopefully the future of the planet. We must do the same in not losing our enthusiasm for the animals we work with every day and the pass on our awe to those we meet so that they too can be inspired to protect and cherish the creatures that surrounds us. Happy vetting. Greg 2019 ISSUE 01 3