Hong Kong Young Writers Anthologies Fiction Group 3 | Page 2

The Spiral Bishop Hall Jubilee School, Ma, Gabriel - 13 I sauntered from the ships back to the temporary camp on a beach on Island Fiji. We were on a stopover before crossing the pacific and returning home. Taking my time to enjoy the caliginous sky dotted with sequin-silver, sparkling and shimmering stars, like scattered moon dust in the sky, I sat down, digging my fingertips in the sand. The saltiness in the soft breeze coming from the sea afar brought back some long- forgotten memories... “Arm your weapons!” A deep, coarse command blasted behind us. There we stood on the deck of the main ship, where commander Zheng He was trying to work out a plan to bring down the fast-approaching brigantine before things got worse. But it was too late. The smell of gunpowder struck our nostrils. Then, in a New York minute, there came a ginormous ball, like the one on a flail, imploding down on the deck heavily. A few of the soldiers managed to roll over and avoid it but one, who was not so fortunate, was hit on the leg and started to wince in pain. “Hold your line!” screamed Zheng He, with all his years of frustration printed on his face. We lit the ropes and three of the canons were sent on battle but would never come back. The firefight continued. My ears were aching in pain because of the ear-piercing blasts of the canons, and my hands have blisters all over the fingers frantically adjusting the main sail. I started to lose my concentration. “Boom!” The same as the one the pirates first struck. What I saw was just a dodgeball on the deck, I closed my eyes, being too afraid to look at my worst fear. I was thrown backwards, like a ping- pong. The sickening feeling of anti-gravity made my stomach hurt like someone just pulled it out of my body. I couldn’t hold it. I let out a “bleech!” I remember the medical team rushed towards me... and everything went black. I was woken by the sound of waves tumbling by the hull, as if it was about to break its wooden boards. I tried to sit up to have a better glimpse of my wounds at the mirror, but the flying ship tossed me around the cabin. I tried to help myself with some mantou, but also in vain. Hearing Zheng He’s commands to keep the ship moving, I started to wonder why I had chosen to leave the comfort of home. It would be so much better to farm and feed the pigs. I looked outside the cabin on the deck, and asked myself, “when can I go home?” I tried to roll over to sleep, but instead, I was secretly hoping that time would fly over the rough conditions. The ship started to cruise ecstatically. Hearing the bow cutting through the water makes a good piece of music to sleep! After all, go on the voyage may not be that bad, perhaps, we might discover new land and people... “Land ahoy! Land ahoy!” the watch-over crew woke me up at the point of the mast at the first sight of sighting the hazy outline of an island. I rolled out of bed and dashed to the deck. We started to slow down and threw the anchors. The crews and I were so elated and exhilarated to reach the land. However, the natives were not so happy. They welcomed us with their troops, thinking that we are invaders. Holding our hands up, we gestured, trying to explain our innocent intention. Zheng He was the last joining us. With a few crews, there he carried all large chest of gold, silver, and precious items. The natives, in return, shared their unique food, music and sports. It was the best time. Time passed by, like a non-stop train, chuffing pass you for seconds and it was gone. We boarded our ship, and the human figures slowly disappeared from our sight. “Splash!” Reality. We had faced the same battles and fun all over again for a few times. And finally, we were on our final stop back home. Although the sea could sometimes be electrifying, there’s no place like home. I was enjoying the peaceful night until the watch-over crew (again) signaled us, “Pirate concussion! Pirate concussion!” “Oh no! Here we go again.”