Hong Kong Young Writers Anthologies Fiction Group 1 | Page 5

African Adventure Chinese International School, Sun, Isabella - 7 Our ship arrived on the east coast of Africa. It was very hot and dry. The captain took five crew members with him to explore the new land. However, by the next day, they still had not returned. It was my job as the ship’s detective to find them. I took three soldiers and the captain’s dragon with me. When we reached the shore, a group of dark-skinned men marched toward us and spoke using funny clicking sounds. We could not understand them. But luckily our dragon was able to translate for us! “We have captured your captain. If you want him back alive, you have to give us all the food and treasures on your ship” they demanded. “That is not fair” I replied and made a signal to the soldiers. They threw a gunpowder bomb near the Africans, which exploded with a loud blast. The Africans were very scared. We made them take us to our captain and crew members to free them. But because we were kind and generous explorers, we asked the Africans, “Why did you try to take our food and treasures?” They explained that previously their country was peaceful and there was enough food for everyone. But an evil, cruel, and powerful pirate named Blackbones had came to power and things changed. He was so selfish and greedy. He and his men took all the food and goods from the Africans. After we talked with the Africans, Captain Tang and I came up with a plan. We took many gifts from our ship to give to Blackbones, such as silk, porcelain vases, and tea. We gave them to him and he was pleased. However, because he was so greedy, he wanted even more. So we invited him to come aboard our ship. We had a plan. Once Blackbones was aboard our ship, he was distracted by all the treasures. Our ship’s doctor quickly stuck acupuncture needles into Blackbones’ body, and suddenly he could not move at all. He knew he had no choice but to surrender. We forced Blackbones to give back all the food and treasures to the Africans and his pirates had to leave the country. The Africans celebrated their victory and threw a big party for us. They wore colorful costumes made from bird feathers and danced for us. There were fireworks and music. The Africans cooked a delicious feast including animals such as antelope and warthogs. Our cooks showed the Africans how to make Chinese noodles, which they loved. After a few days of exploring the African lands, it was time to go. Our new friends gave us two giraffes to take back for the Emperor. We set sail for our next adventure.