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Hello and welcome to Homosurrealism Magazine Issue 47.

This month I interview California artist Chris Zeischegg. Chris is the former porn star Danny Wyle and in his new book "Body to Job," he reveals many of his experiences in the porn industry. I read his book in about two days. Chris also does music with his band "Children" and is currently getting interested in editing and filming techniques.

You will notice that there are some improvements in the magazine, as well. Consistent layout and page, value-added information such as links to websites that will help you find out more about Homosurrealism. The magazine is educational and free and we focus on LIVING artists in the LGBTQ community.

This month, we will be having an amazing show in Paris with Emmanuel Broyerer and Piotr Urbaniak. Please read the back cover. Urbaniak is featured in latest issue of "QUEER.PL" which is a portal to LGBTQ art in Warsaw and surrounding areas such as Berlin.

This month we are also proud to introduce our readers to HOMOSURREALISM ZONE, which is based on HAKIM BEY's theory of the Temporary Autonomous Zone and will be a work in progress for a couple of months. Make sure you contact us and tell us how we are doing as a magazine and art movement.

HOMOSURREALISM MAGAZINE is a cultural and educational online platform for LGBT artists. All art, video, music, etc. are used with expressed permission and documentation.

RIGHT PAGE: Homosurreal Painting by Piotr Urbaniak.

If you'd like to be considered for HOMOSURREALISM MAGAZINE in the next edition please contact me at [email protected]