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Improve fresh air ventilation
When it comes to upgrades that improve air quality , better fresh air ventilation is near the top of the list for many homeowners . Improved ventilation allows you to clear out stale , polluted indoor air and circulate fresh , outdoor air in your home .
Polluted air tends to stagnate at the ceiling , so one effective and energy-efficient way to create natural ventilation is with skylights that open . Sometimes called venting or operable skylights , when you open skylights in combination with vertical windows , you create natural airflow that can help release indoor air pollutants and bring in fresh , clean air to keep your home healthy and pleasant . This concept is known as the chimney effect . Warm air naturally rises and escapes from open skylights while fresh air is drawn inside through the windows . This practice can reduce your reliance on air conditioning , improving your home ’ s overall efficiency and keeping a lid on cooling costs .
Today ’ s skylights can also be automated to open and close at regular intervals or extend and retract shades to block light as needed . Many models , including those from Velux , can even connect to a smartphone app to combine convenience with a soothing mood booster that supports health and wellness .
Keep up with cleaning
Textiles like carpeting , rugs and window treatments can harbor a great deal of dust and dander that reduces air quality . It ’ s important to regularly clean and air out these decorative fabrics and surfaces , especially thick carpet that is likely to host dust mites and bacteria . Remember air quality while you ’ re cleaning , too , and opt for cleaning products with fewer chemicals . When possible , use microfiber cloths and natural materials like white vinegar and soap flakes .
Avoid adding to the problem
Burning a candle may make a room smell fresh and clean , but it ’ s doing little to help improve your air quality . In fact , you ’ re just masking unappealing odors while releasing harmful particles into the air . Similarly , smoking indoors traps those chemicals inside your home , which can wreak havoc on indoor air quality .
Watch for unexpected culprits
Many of the things that contribute to poor indoor air quality are obvious , but there are many others that may surprise you . For example , cooking food using gas appliances can emit hazardous chemicals and compounds , like nitrogen dioxide and carbon monoxide , that contribute to poor indoor climates when not properly ventilated . Homes with gas stoves contain 50-400 % higher concentrations of nitrogen dioxide than those with electric stoves , according to a report from the Rocky Mountain Institute , and the EPA found prolonged exposure to the gas can lead to asthma and other respiratory issues .
Similarly , when plastics are warmed up , they can give off potentially toxic fumes . Avoid leaving toys or other plastic items in direct sunlight . If you have heated floors or other heated surfaces , keep plastic away to prevent those heat-provoked emissions .
With proper upgrades , adjustments and care , you can enjoy a home filled with fresh , healthy air and comfortable surroundings year-round . Learn more at whyskylights . com .
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