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How long have you been a REALTOR ? Ten years .
What do you most enjoy about the Real Estate business ? Diversity and being able to help people to fulfill their dreams and get people to be more confident . I like to see confidence in people . I like to see happiness .
How long have you lived in El Paso ? Eleven years .
Do you have any awards or titles ? ( Ex . “ Top Selling Agent in EP in 2015 ”) As far as individuals awards for El Paso , no . I actually switched brokerage from Majestic Realtors to Keller Williams . At Majestic , I was a top producer there . I also have several designations .
Which neighborhoods or types of buyers / sellers do you specialize in ? ( Mission Hills , Five Points , Military , Seniors , etc .) All . I don ' t have one specific area , but I do a lot of pre-sales for homes not yet built .
Are you involved in any charities or community organizations ? The organization I ' m with right now is the tech committee , which is the committee that oversees the MLS and all the functions that it has to offer , and possibly other technologies that we may be implementing in the real estate industry here in El Paso .
What do you do just for fun ? Hobbies ? I love to travel . I ' m from the island of Jamaica . I can ' t speak for everyone from the island , I do love to travel . I enjoy travelling , trying different things , different foods , and getting to know different cultures and road trips .
Did you pursue a different career before real estate ? What was it and how does it add to your abilities as a REALTOR ? Before this , I worked with Verizon in New York . But prior to that , as far as a sales background , I grew up in Jamaica and one of my first jobs was at a record store . I used to sell records . That ' s not an easy job . People think it is , but it ' s not an easy job . You have to know what people like , their taste in music , and be able to recognize all the different genres , artists and musical instruments . That ' s were my sales background comes from .
Are you married ? Do you have children ? Please tell me about your family . No . I have no kids . I ' m not married . I ' m the only one here in El Paso . Everyone else is on the islands or in New York .
Who has been a large influencer for you in your real estate career ? I can ’ t say there ’ s just one person . I ’ ve met so many great realtors through the years . It ' s very hard to just name one . On my journey from being just a builder ' s rep all the way up to a realtor , I ' ve seen and spoke to a lot of different seasoned realtors that I ' ve gotten more knowledge from , including my past broker . So , it ' s across the board .
Which schools have you attended ? Degrees ? From the islands , I went to a trade school , high school , and I actually started at a community college but didn ' t finish . I just went straight to work . Here in the States , I worked for Verizon automotive , so I had to take a bunch of different courses and test to be an automotive repair tech . Here in El Paso , I went to the Academy of Real Estate . And then after that , I earned several different realtor designations and certifications .
Do you have any special REALTOR designations ? MRP , which is Military Relocation Professional , AHWD , At Home With Diversity , ABR , Accredited Buyer ' s Representative , MCNE , Master Certified Negotiation Expert , and BPOR , Broker Price Opinion Resource .
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