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How long have you been a REALTOR ?
Yvette : “ I ’ ve been a REALTOR ® since 1989 , so it ’ s been 27 years .”
Fernando : “ I ’ ve been a REALTOR ® for 19 years .
How long have you lived in El Paso ? Yvette : “ I was born in El Paso , but we left when I was 6 . We lived in Houston and San Antonio and came back when I was 17 and have lived here ever since . I ’ ve always been a Texan and proud of it . My husband is military and I did leave with him for three years . We were stationed in Louisiana and Germany , and then we came back . Fernando : “ I was stationed at Fort Bliss during my military career , but moved to El Paso in 1997 .”
Do you have any awards or titles ? Fernando : “ I ’ ve been the broker of the company for over 10 years . We are both members of the Greater El Paso Association of REALTORS . I am certified by the Texas Real Estate Commission to teach real estate classes
at the board of REALTORS ® and the Academy of Real Estate .”
What do you most enjoy about the Real Estate business ? Yvette : “ We enjoy helping people find their home , both in sales and in rentals . We specialize in residential property management , so we can help homeowners rent out their home .”
Which neighborhoods or types of buyers / sellers do you specialize in ? Yvette : “ We don ’ t focus on any one neighborhood . We rent and sell properties throughout the El Paso area .”
Did you pursue a different career before real estate ? What was it and how does it add to your abilities as a REALTOR ? Yvette : “ My husband is retired military . We have a big military clientele — probably 60 percent of our clients are military , between owners and tenants . We are a military family . My father-in-law was retired sergeant major . My husband retired from his military career in 1997 as a Senior Non-Commissioned Officer . I ’ ve been a military wife . Because of our military background , we understand the needs of military families .”

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* Photo of Alpha Company , 1st Battalion , 7th Marine Regiment taken by Antionio Rosas , U . S , Marine Corps .
Locally Owned & Operated for 40 years
Are you married ? Do you have children ? Please tell me about your family . “ We ’ ve been happily married for 23 years . We have five beautiful children ; J . J ., Sahara , Jon , Angie & Lance . 3 are married and have started their own families and have given us 4 precious grandchildren . We are proud to say we are a family owned business and have been from the beginning . Our daughter , Sahara , graduated from UTEP and came to work with us in the business . My parents work with us and so does our niece . We ’ re 3 generations working together , managing more than 700 properties .”
Who has been a large influence for you in your real estate career ? Yvette : “ My father-in-law , James Henderson . He ’ d been in the real estate business since the ‘ 70s . The company was originally owned by him since 1977 and I came to work with him in 1989 . He was my rock . He taught me the business . He just recently passed away a couple years ago , but when he was able we would pick him up every day and bring him to the office . He was 86 years old when he died , but he was still coming to the office up until his last year . He was our mentor . Anyone who ’ s been in real estate in town a long time knows my father-inlaw , James Henderson .”
If you could put one word on a billboard for all to see , what would that word be ? Yvette : “ Commitment . We are committed to our family , children , grandchildren , business and our clients .”
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