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We got the keys nine months prior to moving in so by the time we did we had made it warm and liveable but there was so much still left to do .” An old Bastle cottage that dates back more than five centuries , they were originally built to protect the inhabitants against raiding and cattle thieving using exceptionally thick stone walls . “ It had been part ruined but it was built back up 30 years ago ,” says Steph .

With so much character to contend with , Steph admits her tastes have evolved over the years . Once one for stark and clinical whites , she ’ s moved over to warmer colour palettes which complement the age of their home . “ I love homes that feel layered and collected as though they ’ ve naturally evolved over time . Homes need soul and character and I ’ m looking forward to further layering our home with the treasured finds we ’ ll collect . Timelessness is key to me , and plenty of comfort .
“ At the moment I ’ m really inspired by my grandparents ’ traditional English home and I ’ m enjoying incorporating some of those design ideas here , like the bathroom curtained cupboard .” Steph explains this love for traditional
English interiors played a big role in their recently renovated cloakroom and main bathroom . “ I wanted to balance out the relaxed rusticity with a more sophisticated oldy-world style . Adding English-inspired elements like our freestanding roll top bath and the butt and bead panelling . My main aim was to inject warmth and personality . Previously it was very cold and stark – not the most relaxing space to unwind in ! I ’ ve added in soft textures with a shower curtain and a homemade sink skirt , and a pop of colour using ‘ Caddie ’ by Paint and Paper Library .
“ The bathroom and cloakroom are the first rooms I ’ ve planned properly , rather than making last minute changes . It ’ s so important to plan , take your time and communicate with each other when you ’ re DIYers as quite often I just assume my husband knows all my ideas !”