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“ We hope to farm in a more regenerative way , increase biodiversity and produce food for local markets ”

Photography : Sinéad Firman take quite a long time - and it is the first effect that will save the day . Other important effects include encouraging biodiversity on every level of life . In a farming context , the prospect of agroforestry , which we hope to fully realise in a few years ’ time , is very exciting . It means cattle and sheep graze and shelter between trees in agricultural land that has healthier soil and supports a wider range of life in an economically and environmentally sustainable way .” Looking to the future , it is full steam ahead at Hagbrae Farm . “ We hope to farm in a more regenerative way , striving to improve soil , increase biodiversity and produce food for local markets with increased nutritional content . All while building a sustainable business in a way that produces a healthy work-life balance . Should be no problem !” jokes Jude . And what ’ s next for the Cotswold Company and our pledge to plant 50,000 trees a year ? With 30,156 trees at Hagbrae Farm , we ’ ve successfully planted the remaining 19,844 trees at a second site in the Scottish Highlands . Excitingly , we ’ re already looking ahead to 2023 and have signed off on planting 15,000 Mangrove trees in
Vietnam . Due to be planted by December this year , Mangrove trees help to shield against coastal erosion and reduce the impact of flooding in an effort to protect Vietnamese rural communities .
FACT BOX Plot location : Hagbrae Farm , Scotland Plot size : 49 acres Trees planted to date : 31,156 Trees planted in the UK in 2021 : 50,000
Cumulative carbon sequestration :
• 10 years – 203 tCO2e
• 20 years – 1782 tCO2e
• 50 years – 4359 tCO2e
( Sequestration is the process of storing carbon to slow or reverse CO2 pollution to help mitigate climate change )
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