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Scents for home

Our new fragrance collection celebrates each moment in the day . Inspired by a deep sense of the importance of home , the changing of the seasons and how we live within nature , we ’ ve created six evocative scents that bring the natural world indoors .
“ We really believe in the concept that beautiful fragrance is good for the soul ,” says Paul Deckland , Product Director . “ As one of the key senses , smell can have as great an impact on the way we feel as touch or sight .”
With notes of citrus , bergamot and freshly laundered cotton , Daybreak is an invigorating scent to start the day . Ideal for your bedroom or , if you ’ re working from home , your office space , it will help to energise those early hours as you prepare for a busy day .
Using scent is a wonderful way to enhance and appreciate the changing seasons . Welcome the arrival of spring into your home with Kitchen Garden . Alive with melon and spearmint and the aromas of the greenhouse , we like to think these refreshing notes invoke the feeling of taking your cup of tea outside onto a sunny garden patio , first thing in the morning .
While gloriously long summer afternoons are evoked by Summer Days . Keep this fragrance in your hallway or kitchen to bring warmth to your afternoons . Bergamot and citrus fruits are rounded with sweet rose and ylang ylang to envelop you in sunshine - even if it ’ s raining outside .
“ As you prepare for gatherings at home using fragrance can really help to set the mood ,” says Paul . “ Just like creating a wonderful display with flowers or laying a beautiful table .” Gathering is the scent to accompany lively conversation with friends and family . Place it in the dining room for its welcoming and convivial notes of dried fruit and exotic flowers . As the evening draws in , light Dusk in the living room to evoke a sense of belonging and intimacy with woodsmoke and warming spices .
And for the end of the day , unwind with the calm and clarity that lavender and basil-scented Sanctuary brings – perfect for your very own sanctuary or a guest bedroom .
Created exclusively for the Cotswold Company in Cumbria , our range of twin-wick candles and reed diffusers are housed in lovely glass jars that can be enjoyed long after they ’ re empty as small bud vases or miniature bulb planters . The candles and diffusers use natural fragrance oils that have a long burn time and scent throw . The packaging , also fully recyclable , echoes the clean and minimal aesthetic of the collection .
DAYBREAK FRESH & ENERGISING Bergamot , Orange , Jasmine , Fennel , Basil
KITCHEN GARDEN UPLIFTING & BALANCING Melon , Lemon , Spearmint , Peppermint , Thyme
SUMMER DAYS WARM & BRIGHT Bergamot , Mandarin , Rose , Ylang Ylang , Patchouli
GATHERING WELCOMING & CONVIVIAL Dried Fruits , Lime , Heliotrope , Violet , Tonka , Musk
DUSK RELAXING & PEACEFUL Pink Pepper , Plum , Cardamom , Woods , Clove , Musk
SANCTUARY EVOCATIVE & ROMANTIC Lavender , Lemon , Rose , Geranium , Woods , Musk
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