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“At the end of the day that’s what we want; we want a premium experience for all the fans, not just the ones in the premium seats,” Rangers Executive Vice President of Business Operations Rob Matwick said. Not only is the seating bowl in a more desirable position to field level, but 70 percent of the seats are located in between the foul poles. Matwick also makes the case that there are seven different “first rows,” allowing for several fans to have an unobstructed, front-row view. “I think the way we’ve developed (Globe Life Field), there are lot of unique experiences for the fans, and proximity and amenities on all the levels I think fans will be pleased with,” Matwick said. “Everybody loves to have those unobstructed views so we can give you that seven times over and that’s really cool.” Bringing the Outdoors Indoors The retractable roof will be the most noticeable difference at Globe Life Field, providing shade and cooler temperature. When the Globe Life Field roof is closed, the average temperature of the indoor facility will be in the mid-70s, 30 degrees cooler than the hottest peak at Globe Life Park this season. “As we sit out here in the 100-plus degree weather, you just can’t help but think in a little less than two years we’ll be sitting in an air-conditioned ballpark, which will be great,” Hill said. The climate-controlled environment will not take away from the traditional baseball familiarity Globe Life Park provides, as Globe Life Field was designed to provide an outdoor experience, whether the roof is open or closed. “Openness was certainly the intent. That has been the big design driver from the beginning,” Matwick said. The design team visited several different venues with roof structures, to piece together the best plans in order to provide a bright and open concept. “Even if the roof may be closed, it’s going to feel like an outdoor facility. That was one of the things we strove for as engineers and architects, was to achieve a feeling of openness even though you’re inside,” Hill said. The roof structure will be composed of ETFE, a transparent material allowing fans to enjoy an outdoor environment when the roof is closed. “We have been to a lot of other facilities with roof structures, and they tend to be a little bit dungeon-like and dark. So one of the things we stressed with the architects is to try to achieve a feeling of openness like you were outdoors. I think they’ve done a good job in achieving that,” Hill added. Aside from the roof structure, Globe Life Field will also have ETFE strategically placed throughout the facility, for a natural flow of light inside the concourse. There are strategic openings cut throughout the upper concourse and suite level to allow light to filter down into the main concourse. (Continued on next page.) 7