Home Plate Update September 2018 - Page 11

Q: When the roof is closed, how will the temperature at Globe Life Field compare to Globe Life Park? A: 110 degrees versus 72 degrees. I think we can all appreciate that it will be a better experience. Q: How many people are on-site working on the project? ASK the EXPERTS A: We have about 600 guys out here on a daily basis. That will grow at some point within the next year, it will double. Q: What about design and materials, what decisions are being made on that front? A: We’re starting to pick seats, and we’re looking at finished materials on the inside. We’re really starting to look at the items that will give the building more character. Recently, we started putting together what the materials on the outside are. It’s a fast-tracked job, so all of these decisions can’t be made before you break ground. It’s an ongoing process. You get the structure in place, you know where all the columns and piers are going, and then you make these other decisions. That’s what we’re doing right now, we’re working hard to finalize the finishes on both the inside and the outside. Q: What other events do you see taking place at Globe Life Field? A: We think we will be able to compete in the concert business. We also want to become the center for high school and college baseball here in Texas. We want to get more people involved in playing on the field. We’ve also looked at alternative configurations of the field, ranging from football to soccer, so we intend to be able to do those things. It will be up to us to see what we can get to come into the building, as well as what makes sense around the MLB schedule. Q: When can I reserve a seat at Globe Life Field? A: Fans can now place a deposit to secure a spot at the future home of the Texas Rangers by visiting TexasRangers.com/GlobeLifeField. BRYAN IRWIN Vice President of Irwin Steel The City of Arlington’s Office of Communication recently talked to Irwin Steel, LLC Vice President Bryan Irwin, for the latest episode of Ask the Experts on MyArlingtonTV, a quarterly program about the progress being made at the future Globe Life Field in The American Dream City. Irwin Steel is responsible for all the steel rakers at Globe Life Field, which are the diagonal pieces that hold the seating area, as well as additional steel framing throughout the site. Steel takes several months of production before it’s ready for installation. The company is fabricating nearly 16,000 tons of steel at its Justin, Texas facility. All of the steel starts at that facility with a flat sheet of steel. The sheet is transformed into a column, riser or raker, and constructed together similar to building blocks. The average steel column at the new ballpark measures 48 feet tall and weighs 9,200 pounds. 11