Home Plate Update March 2020 | Page 4

GLOBE LIFE FIELD PASSES "SUPER FLUSH" TEST About 300 students from the Dan Dipert Career and Technical Education Center filled the restrooms to flush the stadium's thousands of toilets and urinals at once. It's about the same demand the Rangers expect during a seventh inning stretch. "It feels good knowing that before anyone else came in here, I came in here and tested it out," said Arlington ISD student Alberto Alvarez. While the Rangers were more than willing to have fun with the process, it's also a serious indicator of the stadium's readiness. And based on the results, Globe Life Field is ready. As the Rangers get ready for huge crowds, they're making sure every aspect of the stadium is in working order — including the plumbing. There are 860 toilets, 260 urinals and 2,600 plumbing fixtures throughout the ballpark. To make sure the plumbing could stand up to heavy use, the Rangers invited Arlington ISD students to the stadium in February for "Super Flush 2020." 4 "Our systems are in really good shape," said Manhattan Construction manager Greg McClure. "We're needing to tweak a few toilets here and there to make sure it's the proper flow. But after that, all 2,600 units worked the way they're supposed to work. And that's a really good thing."