Home Plate Update March 2019 - Page 7

ASK the EXPERTS WILLIAM CHAFFE, President of Paragon Sports Constructors, LLC “Shaw’s commitment to research and development have been second- to-none,” said Matwick. “However, its engagement with the study at Auburn demonstrated to our staff that Shaw was just as concerned about player safety as we were.” Jamie Reed, who is the Rangers’ senior director of medical operations and sports science, has been heavily involved in the turf studies at Auburn University and has been the Rangers’ primary point person on the safely and performance aspects of researching playing surfaces. This has included site visits and testing with minor league players on turf surfaces. “During thirty seven years in professional baseball, my emphasis has been on player safety and the prevention of injuries,” Reed said. “As we did the research and studies on determining our new field surface, these goals have been the main priority from the start. I am very confident that this is going to be a great product that no player has ever experienced in his career.” By using the data analysis tool, the system can be tuned to meet the playability characteristics that matter most to the team. The system provided to the Rangers will be specific to their needs and unique to Globe Life Field. The Rangers will opt for the B1K natural system, which employs a natural, sustainable infill called Geofill. The system results in excellent ball-surface and player-surface interaction. The ball bounce will be in line with bounce trajectories on natural grass. Improved player-surface interaction results in fewer instances of lower- extremity fatigue and true reaction times. Player safety and performance played a major role in the Rangers' decision. The City of Arlington’s Office of Communication recently talked to William Chaffe, president of Paragon Sports Constructors, LLC, a sports construction company that specializes in the construction of synthetic grass sports fields and running tracks. “We are a North Texas company. We’re located 20 minutes down the road,” Chaffe said. “We have employees who live in Arlington and we have employees who send their kids to Arlington schools. The pride that we will have in this field because of our connections to Arlington is really going to be very special.” 7