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FROM ROOMIER SEATS TO A PIT 60 FEET DEEP: INSIDE GLOBE LIFE FIELD CONSTRUCTION W GLOBE LIFE FIELD BY THE NUMBERS Ballpark Size: 1.7 Million Square Feet Capacity: 40,000 (Approximate) Number of Entry Gates: 5 Site Area: 13 Acres (Ballpark Only) Project Cost: $1.1 Billion hile crews operating heavy machinery have spent the past five months on site excavation and extensive underground utilities work to prepare for the future Globe Life Field, the Texas Rangers have also been weighing decisions on everything from façade colors to fan seating for Arlington’s $1.1 billion retractable-roof ballpark. Across from the busy construction site, inside a third-floor Globe Life Park conference room dubbed “The War Room,” paint samples, small stacks of brick and stone, corrugated metal panels, door knobs and even stadium seats in various designs line the tables and walls. Around the room are small-scale models and the latest architectural renderings of the 1.7-million-square-foot ballpark, which fans will see start taking shape as concrete columns that will support the main concourse rise from of the ground this spring. But while most of the below-ground preparation is nearing completion, there’s still much work to 2