Holiday Inn H4 Comfort Sleeper

Space saver Great by day
Even better by night
Save your space . Get a bigger bed into a smaller room with 10 ” less in overall length when opened compared to a standard sleeper .
No hard metal bars to sit on , instead a combination of 8 ” of premium foam makes our patented system sit like a premium sofa .
Unlike the competition , your feet won ’ t hang off the end of our beds . Ours is the only sleeper in the world with a bed the same size as your mattress at home .
Standard Comfort Sleeper ®
• Luxurious sleeping with no springs , no bars and no sagging
• Room to stretch out with true 80 inches of bedroom-length sleeping surface
• Ultimate comfort on four inches of plush , high-density foam
• Zero wall clearance
• Space saving engineering means getting a bigger bed in a smaller room
• Sheets tuck around entire mattress with 4 " of tuck space
• Bed can be dressed and closed before guest arrival
• Loose back and seat cushions
• Metal Legs