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Neshama 10 ml

Neshama 10 ml | SOLD OUT
Neshama comes from the Hebrew word meaning “ soul ” and was created to help remind us of who we truly are and how we are all connected to each other and the world around us . Historically , both plants and essential oils have been celebrated for the benefits and uses they provide to mankind , demonstrating the connection between man and nature .
Many essential oils chosen for the Neshama Soulful Blend were considered holy and mentioned in ancient scripture , used then and now to help us connect with a higher sense of self . Included in this inspiring blend are some of our most prized and precious CPTG™ essential oils , including Frankincense , Lavender , Cedarwood , Cypress , Myrrh , Spikenard , Wild Orange , Cassia and Cinnamon . In times of particular difficulty , applying Neshama may act as a reminder that your soul has a deep connection to the world around you and that healing will come in time .
Made exclusively for Europe