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As a Vermont-based mutual bank , we can ’ t be bought , we work for our customers , and we focus on community .
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TM affectionately referred to as “ The Turtle ’ s Nest ” by Turtle Fur ’ s staff . “ One of the reasons that we went forward with purchasing those energy credits is that we want to be mindful of our energy consumption and its global impact . After closely reviewing our energy use , we realized that just under 60 % of our local power supply is generated through renewable means . We felt that it was incredibly important to do everything we could to invest in the protection of our planet . Turtle Fur is a brand that is built around products that help people enjoy their time outdoors . If we want to continue to be successful , we have to take care of the world ’ s natural resources .”
According to Giblin , Turtle Fur has also recently joined the Outdoor Industry Association ’ s Climate Action Corps . By doing so , Turtle Fur has set goals to measure their greenhouse gas emissions , with the eventual aim of setting science-backed goals to reduce them in the near future . “ Sustainable practices have always been a big part of Turtle Fur ’ s ethos ,” notes Giblin . “ We ’ re a Vermont company , and we run our business in line with Vermont ’ s values of conservation and thoughtful actions .”
Ksiazek adds that Turtle Fur is also deeply committed to advocating for diversity , equity , and inclusion in the workplace . “ We ’ re always in the process of reviewing our company handbook to make it more inclusive . We ’ re continuing to adjust the language used in the hiring process and the qualifications that are required in the hiring process . We want to be more inclusive in order to gather a more all-encompassing workforce . We all come from different backgrounds and different situations , and one type of education does not make another type of education less worthy . We are also part of the Racial Equity Alliance of Lamoille County workgroup , where businesses meet to discuss how they can collectively move forward , connect the community , and create a more inclusive world . We talk about how to provide opportunities beyond our own borders , invite people into Vermont , and make the people that are already here feel heard .”
Turtle Fur also manifests positive change through several long-term philanthropic projects , such as their Project Warmth initiative , which donates cold-weather accessories to people in need . Project Warmth first came into being in 2008 after Turtle Fur ’ s owner , Richard Sontag , began donating Turtle Fur goods to homeless