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with miniature Carrara marble subway tile floors . The Ice House features two-levels with a spiral staircase , brick walls , gas fireplace , and an upstairs loft . It serves as an ideal refuge for small families and honeymooners .
Throughout the inn , the walls are lined with several historic artifacts , such as a print of a Norman Rockwell painting set in front of one of the Four Chimneys Inn ’ s original fireplaces . In addition , a framed landscape and garden design by renowned landscape architect Ellen Biddle Shipman is prominently displayed in the front staircase . Shipman was commissioned to design an outdoor garden by Philip Jennings in the early 20th century . Her design for the garden at the Four Chimneys estate features her signature axial layout . Today , the Four Chimneys Inn grounds feature a beautiful outdoor flower garden , a stone courtyard with a fountain , and several tall , majestic trees . “ People love walking around outside , regardless of what time of year it is ,” says Green . “ Every season in Vermont has its own form of beauty .”
Green says that one of the best things about owning the Four Chimneys Inn is hearing the stories of her recurrent guests . “ Over the years , people have sent us photos , postcards , and artifacts . One guest sent us an article about when James Rollis ’ restaurant first opened in the 1950s .
When we first bought the inn , a man came up the steps and told me about when he and his wife came to eat dinner at the Four Chimneys Inn on their wedding night three decades earlier . He told me that they stayed somewhere else that night because they were young newlyweds , but that he had finally worked up the nerve to ask me how much a room was . It was an incredibly cute moment that really drove home just how much this place really means to the guests that come here .”
Another one of Green ’ s favorite stories involves a couple that came to visit the inn with their three daughters . “ When they first came in , they told me a story about when she had a medical incident several months earlier in the middle of the night . When the ambulance came to her home , she said ‘ Oh , Lord , don ’ t take me now ! I ’ m going to The Four Chimneys in May !’ They had the best time when they stayed here and they were such a sweet family . Whenever they came to breakfast , they would always joke about needing an endless supply of maple syrup . That story makes me smile every time I think of it .”
Although the Four Chimneys Inn no longer serves lunch or dinner , Lynn Green does cook and serve delicious breakfast staples every morning , such as blueberry French Toast and buttermilk pancakes . Lynn and Pete Green also go above and beyond to provide their guests with attentive and
considerate service that allows them to enjoy their Southern Vermont vacation in the way that they want to . “ Everyone comes to The Four Chimneys with a different experience in mind . We like to let our guests set the tone for their visit and give them all the space that they need to enjoy their time here on their own terms . Old Bennington has a very grand and elevated atmosphere , but we want to provide an experience that is elegant without pretense . Our aim is to be as welcoming as possible and make people feel like they ’ re at home here . I ’ ve had some of the happiest moments of my life here at The Four Chimneys . I ’ ve gotten married here , had our child here , and I ’ ve had the chance to connect with some amazing people – including our returning guests who have chosen to make The Four Chimneys a big part of their lives . Whether you ’ re coming here to get engaged , coming here to get away , or coming to visit your family for the holidays , we want to help you experience similar moments of joy and make happy memories that stay with you for the rest of your life .”
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