HOLIDAY 2021 - Page 39

Christmas and Rosemary Clooney to visit the Rosemary Clooney House , which hosts the largest collection of White Christmas movie memorabilia in the world .
Brown says that although the set for White Christmas is rumored to be made out of the framework of the same set that was used in Holiday Inn , the true story surrounding their similar appearance is far more complicated . “ I ’ ve done very specific comparisons of the set photos for Holiday Inn and White Christmas . If you casually look at both sets side-by-side , you might notice similarities . However , the set production budget for White Christmas includes extensive expenditure listings for new set building materials . The Columbia Inn is much bigger than the Holiday Inn , and the Columbia Inn set also features more exterior windows than the Holiday Inn . In the cast party scene in White
Christmas , the interior walls do slope in a similar way to the interior walls in several scenes in Holiday Inn . To my knowledge , that is the only set element that appears in both films . It could have been reused , or it could have been rebuilt to look just like it . Either way , it ’ s a beautifully-designed set .”
Brown says that through her extensive research process for the book , she has gained new appreciation for the setting of the film and the role it played in its overall development . “ The best aspects of Vermont are lovingly reflected in this film ,” says Brown . “ Of all of the places that they could have picked to put the Columbia Inn , they chose Vermont . White Christmas wouldn ’ t have been the film it is without the Vermont connection , and I firmly believe that the film should serve as a great source of pride for all Vermonters .”
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