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Christmas ” in an attempt to cheer up his female companions ’ unhappy feelings regarding the warm weather as they trek from the train station to the Columbia Inn . During the drive , they would pass by a snowless ski mountain , a melted skating rink and a sun-scorched toboggan slide . An additional suggested closing scene would feature a panoramic shot of the Columbia Inn and its surroundings , with a rustic chapel bell tower in the foreground surrounded by gently falling snow . Although these scenes never materialized , they nevertheless emphasize the importance of the film ’ s setting , and prove that the producers had every intent to showcase the beauty and majesty of Vermont ’ s natural scenery .
Fricke says that some of the most memorable moments from White Christmas that allude to its Vermont setting were actually improvised on-set by Crosby and Kaye . “ One of the best examples of this is the moment where Crosby and Kaye first step off of the train and realize that they are dressed too warmly . When Kaye ’ s character complains about the long underwear that he ’ s wearing and the electric blanket underneath , Crosby replies ‘ You ’ ll get a nice tan .’
Humphrey Bogart visiting Danny Kaye and Bing Crosby on the set of White Christmas
Those spontaneous moments made White Christmas the classic film that it is . It ’ s a fun movie , and the actors and extras certainly had a good time on the set during its production .” Pop culture historian Kathy Brown is currently working with Fricke on a comprehensive book about White Christmas and its production process , which is tentatively slated to be released in the Fall of 2022 . Entitled White Christmas : A Pictorial History of the Classic Holiday Film , the book came into existence as the result of a long-term collaboration between Steve and Heather Henry ( proprietors of The Rosemary Clooney House in Augusta , Kentucky ), Fricke , and Brown . The book will feature over 500 illustrations , which include high-resolution pictures from the film set , production files , costume tests , and set reference photos . The book also features in-depth interviews with actors , extras , and members of the production team . Brown encourages all fans of White