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became singers who had been booked at the Columbia Inn as performers . Fricke adds that several preliminary versions of the script included campy and outlandish plot detours . “ In one version , the two male leads take a plane up to seed the clouds to try to make it snow . They end up seeding clouds in the wrong place and destroying crops in the process . Another version includes a scene where perplexed Vermont townspeople try to figure out what has led to the uncharacteristically warm weather . In the course of their conversation , they blame the weather on flying saucers and the atom bomb .”
Once Vermont was chosen as the location for the film by Berlin , the film ’ s producers began to scout locations in Vermont for potential filming opportunities . Fricke says that there are several pages of documents in the White Christmas material held by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences ’ Margaret Herrick Library that feature late autumn weather reports , predictions and elevation listings for Brattleboro , Burlington , Waterbury , and Brandon .
In a 1953 draft of the script , a scene was proposed where Crosby would sing “ White
Rosemary Clooney ( center ) with composer Irving Berlin ( right )