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Crosby and Kaye spend the rest of the film attempting to bring people to the inn to revive his business .
Although Crosby ’ s character is portrayed as an overworked singer and producer who is partial to city life , Bader reveals that the real Bing Crosby was a consummate outdoorsman . “ The funny thing about it is that Bing loved to go skiing ! He loved to go hunting and explore nature . He was also a proficient athlete . He played baseball and basketball in college . He comes across in the film as someone who hates to be outdoors , but that couldn ’ t be further from the truth .”
Author and producer John Fricke says that although the final version of the film White Christmas was set in Vermont , the script went through numerous changes before the final setting was chosen . Fricke explains that the original genesis of White Christmas was an Irving Berlin stage musical called , Stars On My Shoulder , co-written by Norman Krasna . The show was initially announced in 1948 , and production was slated to begin in New York City later that year . “ The musical originally was built around the story of a
Rosemary Clooney , Bing Crosby , and Danny Kaye rehearse with the cast of White Christmas
forgotten World War II general who was living in Brooklyn . Rodgers & Hammerstein were originally on board to produce the musical , but it was later shelved after they failed to reach a financial agreement with Krasna .” Several of the songs that Berlin had written for the original musical ended up in the film White Christmas , one ended up in his 1954 film There ’ s No Business Like Show Business , and one was featured in Berlin ’ s 1962 Broadway show Mr . President .
After Stars On My Shoulder was scrapped , Berlin went on to premier two Broadway musicals in the following two years : Miss Liberty ( 1949 ) and Call Me Madam ( 1950 ).
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