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struggles , the challenges , and the triumphs .
Sherman : Part of the fun of doing a Broadway show is meeting celebrities when they visit backstage after the show . Any favorite memories ?
Hoff : I ’ ll never forget when Diana Ross came backstage . Getting a hug from Diana Ross was transcendent . Coming down the stairs and having Robin Williams , literally , bow before me — or when Steve Martin said , “ I could never have done what you just did ” was surreal . Similar to winning the
TONY AWARD , it was wonderful validation that I had done something that my peers truly respected .
Sherman : After Jersey Boys , you spent the next decade creating an incredible group called , “ The Midtown Men ”, and you traveled the world performing the music of the 1960s . What was it like singing such iconic music internationally ?
Hoff : It was amazing ! It didn ’ t matter where they were from , what language they spoke , or how old they were , we were able to connect through the music and bring
our worlds together . It was a wonderful experience .
Sherman : Your career has taken you all around the world . Why did you choose to settle here in Vermont ?
Hoff : I love the independent spirit of Vermont . The lack of billboards . A culture that embraces a local economy . Vermont is home to many people who are hardworking and independent , who live off the land and don ’ t need outside influence to define their identity . I love the challenge of an environment of great beauty and sacrifice and hard work .
Sherman : Your newest venture here in Vermont is something that you and I are working on together . Jazz ‘ n TÖST is a new show on an independent radio station here in Southern Vermont , 102.7 WEQX and is sponsored by TÖST Beverages . Tell me about your love of jazz .
Hoff : My dad ’ s favorite type of music was jazz . We always had great records to listen to , from Pete Fountain to Ahmad Jamal , and everything in between . Even when the music is without lyrics , jazz is expressive storytelling .
Sherman : It ’ s been fascinating to work on this show with you , because when you immerse yourself in the genre , you realize that jazz encompasses so many different styles and influences .
Hoff : Jazz is a melting pot of talent and expression .
Sherman : You ’ ve got some upcoming concerts and tour dates outside of Vermont . Do you think we ’ ll be seeing you performing live here in Vermont anytime soon ?
Hoff : 100 %. I can ’ t help but perform . Now that we can start enjoying live concerts and productions again safely , I look forward to developing an audience for my live performances here in Vermont . Until then , you can catch me and Jazz ‘ n TÖST every Sunday morning on WEQX 102.7 .

jazzntost . com

Joshua Sherman


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