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On October 16th 2020 , which also happened to be her 50th birthday , Bonner launched Addison West online . A month later , local business owners and friends , Mary Cullinane and Stacey Rainey , offered her a chance to use their storefront in downtown Middlebury to set up a pop-up shop . “ They were moving out of the space , so it worked out perfectly .” Bonner brought pieces from her personal antique collection and added them to the newer items she had procured . The pop-up shop proved to be a success , and Bonner extended her lease and expanded her product range .
Today , Addison West is continuing to expand and solidify its market niche as a respected purveyor of Vermont-modern home goods . “ Addison West is all about embracing old and new , and blending the grounded and authentic sensibilities of Vermont with modern design ,” says Bonner . “ Throughout the store , you ’ ll see some things that are a little rustic , others that are more contemporary , and some products that are a mixture of both of
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