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WINTER NEWS 2018 WINTER 2018 IN THE KNOW The Hot Topics page of our website is designed to keep you up to date on our clients’ most common concerns. Currently, you can find ex- tensive info on the Gypsy Moth epidemic and the ef- fects of the 2016 drought. WHAT WE DO Tree Preservation Pruning Cabling & Bracing Landscape Design & Construction Plant Health Care Kiln-dried Firewood h Massachusetts Certified Arborists ISA Certified Arborists @HarrisonMcPheeInc #NextGenArborist harrison mcphee, inc. The hidden killer below There is a world of activity underground…much of which can injure trees, unless you know what to look for. Roots are the primary source of delivering nutrition to a tree. As such, they need to be in good working order to do their job effectively. “Air spading” is an effective way to get a good look underground to see what can be done to improve the tree’s vascular health. Focused, high speed air moves soil and mulch away from the base of trees so we can inspect them for: • Removal of girdling roots • Excessive root matting at the top of and around the root flare • Excessive soil or fill over the root system causing poor gas and oxygen exchange/root suffocation • Root or trunk decay • Compacted soil Depending on our findings, we will make a plan for surgery (ie: removal of girdling roots, correction of improper grades, etc.). If there are structural defects, tree removal would be the most extreme response.