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How we are supporting the region
national sector total . Yorkshire and the Humber is already renowned for health and life sciences , with huge potential to influence health and life outcomes internationally , with the region ’ s existing assets providing a fantastic springboard to future growth . However , we know there are still key challenges and barriers the region must overcome to unlock its true potential .
Life expectancy across Yorkshire and the Humber can vary by almost two years in comparison to the South of England , meaning around 90 more people per 100,000 die under the age of 75 in Yorkshire and the Humber . The unbreakable relationship between the economy and societal health means that a strong economy is paramount to supporting people live healthy lives , whilst a healthy population is a critical part of a productive economy . This is all too clear to see through the region ’ s productivity , which is on average 38 % lower than London and the South East .
Capitalising on opportunities for growth in a way which maximises the region ’ s existing assets and strengths , whilst also tackling these long-standing health challenges which hold back the region ’ s workforce are key factors in unlocking the region ’ s true potential . This twin challenge is something we have been aware of for some time , and understandably , has driven much of our work over the past 12 months in partnership with stakeholders from across the Yorkshire and Humber region .
How we are supporting the region
Driving inclusive economic growth
In conjunction with Yorkshire Universities and NHS Confederation , we continue to lead our YHealth for Growth partnership , seeking to champion the intrinsic link between good health and inclusive economic growth . We aim to ensure key local and national stakeholders understand the contribution they can make towards building healthy communities and creating a strong economy which benefits everyone . Throughout 2022-23 , we ’ ve continued promoting our partnership and underlying messages via a range of high-profile events , publications , and opportunities to contribute to emerging
Yorkshire and the Humber ’ s health and life sciences sector
Yorkshire and the Humber ’ s productivity

38 %

lower productivity than
London and the South East

14,300 people working in the sector

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